Cat.5E UTP Patch Cable Black A10

SKU: VAP-A10-S075

Size: 0.75m
Sale price$1.19


CAT5E UTP Patch Cable

Not Stuck

Range of Application

Universal RJ45 cable interface

Stable and Uninterrupted

Each core is composed of 7 independent cores composed of multiple conductive low resistance, 26AWG bold copper-clad aluminum core with copper load and low aluminum density

Twisted Pair Anti-jamming

8-core twisted structure, each 2 cores are twisted with each other Resist against electromagnetic interference from outside

8P8C Gold-plated Contacts

Resistance to pluggable, stability signal and duarable

Environmental PVC Jacket

Rugged, not broken

Cable OD 5.5mm

Strengthens the durability of wire

Scenes Display

Line Size

Meet different needs

Product Parameters

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