Cat.6 FTP RJ45 Modular Plug Transparent


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Cat.6 FTP RJ45 Modular Plug

Passed FLUKE test

High-quality Gold-plated Chips

Faster and stable transmission

Full Contact Transmission Fast

Three-pronged chip, the contacts are tightly combined with the core
Note: Applicable to solid wire and strand wire

Gold-plated Contacts Do Not Rust

Thick gold-plated terminals, the network speed is still stable for a long time

Metal Shielding Anti-interference

Metal shielded shell for more stable transmission

Farewell To Delay / Stuck / Drop

High-quality PC Material

Corrosion resistant and tough

Applicable Equipments

Widely compatible with RJ45 network cable interface equipments


Connection standard
Use a network cable plier to peel off the sheath of the network cable, and you will see the following eight colored metal cables

Connection Method

Passed FLUKE Test

FLUKE strict test standards, high quality, reliable

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