Cat.6A SFTP Patch Cable Yellow/Gray


Size: 0.5m
Style: Gray
Sale price$3.55


Ultra-high Speed

10 Gbps transmission rate

No Dropping No Attenuation

10 Gbps high-speed transmission

Smooth Streaming without Buffering

Fast response to online games and HD films

Dual Shields for Dual Assurance

Metal braided mesh+ aluminum foil + mylar for prominant anti-interference and shielding

Twisted Pair Structure

Effectively locks the inner core signal, reduces internal crosstalk and enhances signal stability.

Metal Shielded RJ45 Jack

Trigeminal chip, gold-plated pins

Side by side Unobstructed

Ultra-narrow bezel design, All jacks being plugged side by side on a router witout obstruction

Durable Anti-fracture Tail Design

Adopts integrated injection in molding process, non-slip, wear-resistant and anti-stretch.

Soft PVC Jacket

Wear-resistant, anti-fracture

Wide Applicability

Compatible with RJ45

Application Scene

Multiple Lengths to Choose

0.5m to 40m for different environmental needs

Product Parameters

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