Cat6 Connector FTP Cat6/5e Ethernet Adapter 8P8C Network Extender Extension Cable for Ethernet Cable RJ45 Connector


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Elevate your network connectivity solutions with the Vention Cat.6 Keystone Jack Coupler, meticulously designed for seamless network cable extensions. This premium jack coupler offers a blend of functionality and reliability, ensuring that your network remains fast, stable, and efficient. Perfectly engineered for both home and office cabling needs, the Vention RJ45 Coupler is the ideal solution for extending short cables without compromising on performance.

Key Features

  • Minimum Attenuation: The Vention Cat.6 Keystone Jack Coupler is designed to ensure a clear and consistent connection with minimal signal loss. This feature is critical for maintaining the integrity and speed of your network data transfers.
  • Metal Shielding Layer: The coupler includes a robust metal shielding layer that effectively protects against electromagnetic interference, which can otherwise disrupt data transmission. This ensures that your network remains stable and interference-free.
  • Gold-Plated Phosphor Bronze Pins: The pins are crafted from gold-plated phosphor bronze, providing superior conductivity and durability. This results in firm contact and stable transmission, which is essential for reliable network performance.
  • Thickened PCB: The coupler features a thickened Printed Circuit Board (PCB) that is embedded to protect against oxidation and damage over time. This design innovation ensures the longevity and durability of the component.
  • PVC Shell: Made from high-strength polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material, the shell of the coupler is produced using one-piece injection molding. This offers high temperature resistance and low temperature resistance, ensuring the coupler performs optimally in various environmental conditions.


  • Extend Freely: With this coupler, you can easily combine two network cables into one, thereby extending the reach of your network infrastructure. This is particularly useful when dealing with cable shortage issues or embedding network setups.
  • Stable Transmission: Experience enhanced network performance with features like fast downloads, smooth streaming, and anti-lag gaming. The coupler ensures stable data transmission, making it ideal for bandwidth-intensive applications.
  • Multi-Usage: The versatile Vention Cat.6 Keystone Jack Coupler can be used for multiple purposes: combining short network cables into a longer one or protecting the jack from damage due to frequent swapping. This makes it a valuable addition to any network setup.

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Vention
  • Name: Cat.6 FTP Keystone Jack Coupler
  • Interface: Cat.6/RJ45
  • Shell Material: PVC
  • Shield Shell: Nickel-plated Iron Shell
  • Connector Chips Technics: Gold-plated Phosphor Bronze
  • Model: IPV
  • Color Options: Black/White
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Package: PE Bag


  • Height: 20.8mm
  • Width: 21.4mm
  • Length: 37.2mm

Applicable Scenarios

  • Home Cabling
  • Office Cabling
  • Monitor System Cabling
  • Education Network Cabling
  • Coffeenet Cabling

Package Contents

The Vention Cat.6 Keystone Jack Coupler is available in various package configurations to accommodate different usage needs and quantities. Note that package differences exist based on meterage or batch, and the images provided are for reference only.

The Vention Cat.6 Keystone Jack Coupler stands as a versatile and essential tool in your networking arsenal. Whether you are extending network cables within a home office, commercial workspace, or educational environment, this coupler offers the durability, stability, and performance needed to maintain a robust network. Extend your network effortlessly and efficiently with Vention, ensuring that your connectivity needs are always met without any compromise on speed or reliability.

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