Cat6A UTP Rotate Right Angle Ethernet Patch Cable


Size: 0.5M
Sale price$3.48


10-Gigabit Network Performance

Rotate Right Angle Slim Cat6A Ethernet Patch Cable

Flexible & Reliable Connectivity

Rotated connectors provide versatility in connecting devices with different orientations or port locations.

90-Degree Connector

The 90-degree connector saves time, space, and frustration in crowded areas and tight spaces.

Narrow Space Solutions

The 3.8 mm cable thickness makes this ideal for routing through the tightest spaces.

Maximize Your Network Speed

This cable is perfect for 10-Gigabit Ethernet and is tested up to 500MHz bandwidth.

Stable & Fast Streaming

Upgrade your network and enjoy clean and clear 10-Gigabit transmissions.

Oxygen-free Copper Conductors

The Cat6A Ethernet Patch Cable features 4 UTP 32AWG (American Wire Gauge) stranded copper conductors to reduce electromagnetic interference.

Less Crosstalk with Twisted Pair Wires

Each of the four pairs of the cable has a differing precise number of twists per inch to minimize crosstalk between the pairs, which ensures performance with high-speed Gigabit Ethernet.

Gold-Plated Contacts

The gold-plated contacts resist corrosion and wear and deliver a clean, clear signal.

Flexible PVC Jacket

Durable and Tensile

Universal Compatibility

Compatible with any RJ45 interface.

Quality Guaranteed

Each shipment is tested by the Vention quality assurance team for physical and electrical defects using comprehensive visual inspections and Fluke testing.

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