Coaxial Cable Stripper


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Multifunctional Cable Stripper

Multi-purpose, precise and safe

Coaxial Round Cable Stripping Port

According to the outer diameter of the cable, put in different positions, Turn the cable stripper to easily strip the cable jacket

Screw Rotation Adjustment

Adjust the cutter head screw to control the cutting depth of the blade to avoid accidental damage to the cable

Stripping / Shearing Cable 2-in-1

Strip the outer jacket of the flat cable between the upper and lower blade clamping points Shear the cable interface flatly between the knife edge and the alloy pad

Double Spring Design

High-quality spring, comfortable and durable

Pure Steel Sharp Blade

Safe and durable

Environmentally Friendly ABS Shell

Anti-collision and anti- shock, more durable

Ergonomic Design

Non-slip handle with smooth lines and comfortable grip


Wide Range of Applications

Applicable coaxial cable / round network cable / flat network cable / twisted pair cable/ telephone cable

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