Cotton Braided DP Male to Male 8K HD Cable Black Zinc Alloy Type


Size: 1m
Sale price$33.48


Product Description

Downward compatible with DP1.4/1.3/1.2/1.1, etc.

Powerful DP2.0

8K New Vision Future Oriented

All batches supported 7680*4320@60Hz refresh rate with extra detail demonstration

3D Visual Effects

Support 3D imaging technology

240Hz High Refresh Rate

Also support 1080P@240Hz,2K@165Hz,4K@144Hz,8K@60Hz,10K@30Hz

Support Dynamic HDR

The game scene is more delicate and real

Premium Audio for Enemy Detection

Support 32-bit audio channel, grasp every detail and clue in game

Support G-Sync&FreeSync

Designed for gaming users, compatible with Nvidia and AMD graphic card users, avoid image splash or lag

40Gbps Bandwidth

No tearing and lag in 3A game, higher resolution and refresh rate for enhanced game experience

No Splash and Ghosting

Internal pure copper conductor with premium conductivity

Craftsman Details

Easily Running Multiple games

For online and 3A games

Multi-purpose Applications

Product Parameters

Born for E-sports Gamers

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