Cotton Braided HDMI Cable 4K computer TV monitor displayer


Sale price$6.02


HDMI UHD cable

More than Real

Almost Tangible 3D

4K picture quality with 3D visual effects, vivid content is ready to come out

Smoother than Your Detection

60Hz, indulged in high refresh rate games or movies

Universal Compatibility

Connect to projector, HD TV, etc., for devices with standard HDMI interface

Smart Box Connect with TV

Large screen with more immersive experience

PC Connect to Projector

Convenient for business demonstration

Audio and Video Simultaneous Output

Stable transmission and convenient

No Splash and Ghosting

Premium clad-copper wire with multiple shielding provide better anti interference ability


More function for Your Exploration

HDCP Standard Protocol Protection

Vention is a member of the HDMI Association and is compliant with the HDCP standard protocol, ensuring that its genuine content can be used legally

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