HDMI-A Male to Male 4K HD Cable PS5/4,Switch,TV,computer, Laptop


Size: 1m
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Introducing the Vention HDMI 2.0 Cable, a state-of-the-art digital connection solution designed to deliver outstanding performance whether you're gaming, streaming, or working. With its superior build and advanced features, this HDMI-A male-to-male cable ensures that your visual and audio experiences are nothing short of spectacular.

Unparalleled Visual Quality 

The Vention HDMI 2.0 HD Cable supports 4K HD resolution at 60Hz within a 3-meter range, ensuring that you get ultra-sharp and vivid visuals. With a total bandwidth of 18Gbps, this cable is capable of transmitting high-speed data without any latency or splash screen issues. The cable is also compatible with HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology, offering richer and more lifelike images by enhancing color and contrast. To top it off, the 21:9 wide ratio allows for an expansive viewing experience, making it ideal for cinematic video playback.

Immersive 3D Experience

Beyond just 4K visualization, the Vention HDMI 2.0 cable is designed to support 3D Vision. This provides an immersive experience that brings your screen to life, whether you're watching movies, gaming, or using virtual reality applications. The realistic 3D screen effect blurs the boundary between illusion and reality, delivering unmatched depth and realism.

Synchronize Audio and Video

With the audio and video in perfect sync, you can be assured of seamless audiovisual playback. The cable supports real-time transmission without the need for manual adjustments, making it perfect for high-definition films, music, gaming, and live broadcasts. This ensures you enjoy crisp, clear, and high-quality sound alongside stunning visual output.

Robust and Durable

The Vention HDMI cable is built to last. It features three-layer shielding that includes aluminum foil and ground wire, ensuring no interference and a stable signal. The high-quality PVC jacket adds an extra layer of protection, making the cable capable of withstanding up to 3,000 bends without any compromise in performance. Additionally, the gold-plated interface is anti-oxidized, reducing wear and tear and providing better conductivity over time.

Versatile Compatibility

This cable is highly versatile and compatible with a wide range of devices. It supports various output devices including laptops, computers, smart boxes, set-top boxes, and gaming consoles like PS5/4, Switch, and Xbox. For display devices, it works seamlessly with TVs, monitors, and projectors, making it ideal for home theaters and business presentations alike.

Multiple Modes for Enhanced Usability

The Vention HDMI 2.0 cable supports various modes including Mirror Mode, Extended Mode, and Game Mode. Mirror Mode is perfect for duplicating your screen, Extended Mode enhances productivity by expanding your workspace, and Game Mode reduces input lag for a superior gaming experience.

Detailed Specifications

  • Model: ALI
  • Color: Black
  • Interface: HDMI2.0-A Male
  • Resolution & Length Support: 0.5-3m at 4K@60Hz; 5-15m at 4K@30Hz
  • Conductor: CCS with Aluminum Foil + GND Shielding
  • Thickness: 7.4mm to 8.0mm depending on length
  • AWG: 30 for lengths up to 8m; 28 for lengths 10-15m
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Whether for home entertainment, professional presentations, or high-octane gaming, the Vention HDMI 2.0 Cable offers unmatched quality and reliability. Invest in the best to ensure a seamless, high-definition experience across all your devices.

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