HDMI to HDMI/Optical Fiber Audio/2RCA Audio Converter


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HDMI Audio Splitter

Fiber I Red and White Audio Output | 4K HD

Interface Display

Connection Diagram

STB Connects TV+Amplifier

Fiber optic interface connects to amplifier


The fber optic interface supports 5.1 channels enjoy a shocking listening experience


Support 4K 30Hz, zoom in details

High Compatibility

Power Supply Design

If there is incompatibility or no display, please connect the power supply cable

Metal Matte

Metal shell which is shielded against interference, corrosion heat dissipation, the surface is sandblasted and oxidized

Strengthened Signa

Support long distance transmission for HDMI cable clear picture, stable transmission without delay

High Performance Chip

High-performance SI9533 chip, clear picture, stable transmission

Toggle Button Design

Manually switch HDMl pass-through mode /2.0-channel stereo mode / 5.1-channel mode

Two Modes

Widely Used

Product Parameters

Brand: Vention
Name: HDMI Audio Splitter
Model: AFHB0
Color: Black
Connector Type: HDMI, SPDIF, RCA(L/R), DC Power Supply
Version: HDMI 1.4
Connector: Gold Plated
Resolution: 4K 30Hz
Transmission Direction: HDMI Input, HDMI Output
Shell Material: Metal
Supply Current: DC 5V/1A
Operating Temperature Range: -15'C to +55C
Operating Humidity Range: 5% to 90% RH (No Condensation)
Warranty: 1 Year
Packing: Kraft Box + Color Set

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