Optical Fiber Audio Cable Black


Size: 1m
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About this item

  • 【Perfect Compatibility】The VENTION fiber audio cable is compatible with standard and HD devices with Toslink connectors.Fiber optic cables are ideal for the sound bar of receiver/preamp, audio processor, DAC, TV and PS4, Playstation, Xbox game system, etc.
  • Home cinema TOSLINK fiber cable - Professional Toslink cable can be used for multi-channel surround sound, uncompressed PCM audio optical and compressed 5.1 to 1 surround sound systems, including Dolby Digital +, DTS-HD with high resolution and LPCM.
  • The digital audio cable of the highest quality: the digital optical audio cable from VENTION has a fully flexible PVC jacket and is precisely manufactured to provide high-quality, flexible optical cables with the longest service life.
  • Friendly design: the removable rubber head protects the plug when not plugged in.
  • 【24K Gold Plated Connector】Corrosion-resistant gold plating keeps the connector clean and allows optimal signal transmission, clears uncompressed PCM audio and compressed 5.1 to 7.1 surround sound.Because our cables are optically they are not disturbed by RFI or EMI signals.

Product Specifications

Compatible Devices Fernseher , PlayStation , Xbox
Connector Type TOSLINK
Ean 8424615012081
Item Weight 42.0 grams
Model Number fibre Optic Audio Cable
Part Number BAEBF
Size 1m
Specification Met

Product Description

Optical digital audio cable

Optical cable for sound bar to TV, fibre optic cable, Sky Cinema

Robust connectivity

Good strength and difficult loosening and dropping

Fibre optic transmission, excellent sound quality

The optical signal transmission is free from electromagnetic interference and ensures clear sound quality

Connect the PS4 / X-Box to the amplifier

More fun when playing with big screen

Connect the interface

Fibre optic interfaces are often commented with SPDIF / OPTICAL / FIBER / OPT / TOSLINK

Connect the speaker to the TV

Show off extraordinary sound effects

Connect the amplifier to the TV

Digital audio signals are immune to electromagnetic interference

High-resolution HI-FI sound

Dolby AC3 and DTS surround audio

  1. High-resolution digital audio
  2. Digital noise reduction, improve DAC signal to noise ratio
  3. Lossless remote transmission
  4. Resists electromagnetic interference

VENTION Digital Optical Audio Cable.

Pure external sound quality.

Glass fibre square mouth and opposite mouth.

Digital noise reduction.

AC3 and DTS surround audio.

Optical transmission over long distances at high speed.

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