USB 2.0 C Male to A Female OTG cable 0.15M Black PVC Type


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Support cellphone/tablet connect to U disk/mouse/keyboard/card reader, etc.

Compatible Devices

Connect USB-A devices to USB-C devices

Applicable USB-C Devices

Read U Disk Data Directly

Cellphone connect to U disk, you can watch drama comfortably without network

Faster Work Efficiency

Connect keyboard and mouse, your phone or tablet can be use as a computer, easyto use

Connect Game Handle to Play Games

Operating accurately without touch screen

Quick Recognition Easy Sharing

NO need to install the drive or APP

480Mbps Transfer Rate

High speed data transfer

Convenient for Charging

Cellphone and laptop can charging with each other in critical moment

Stable Transmission

Multiple protections inside, fluid signal without lag

Firm Connection

Connect firmly to prevent U disk from being loosed

Flexible and Durable

High-quality PVC materials

Small and Exquisite

Easy to carry around

Product Parameters

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