USB 2.0 Male to USB-C Female Adapter Black PVC Type


Sale price$3.70


USB 2.0 to USB-C Adapter

Convenient interface conversion

Various Devices Supported

USB-A Charger to USB-C Charger

Turns USB-A interface on old chargers to USB-C interface,suitable for iPhone 12series PD charging cable

In-game Voice Function

Support in-game audio and comunication

Fast Data Transmission

USB 2.0 transmission speed,less waiting time in work and leisure

Ipad Pro Connect to PC

With USB-C male tomale cable,significantly shorten charging and data transmission time

Power Bank Connection

USB-C charging cable connect to USB-A interface power bank,travelling without worrying battery volume

Car Charger Connection

Support dual USB-C cable/Apple PD cable charging full battery status on the road

3g Weight

Small and oprtable,no burden to carry around

Product Parameters

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