USB-C Male to USB 3.0 Female OTG Adapter Black PVC Type


Sale price$3.88


USB-C to USB 3.0 Adapter

Tiny size, huge possibility

Phone Connect to Flash Disk

Watch movie/read data in no Internet environment

Tablet to Keyboard&Mouse

More convenient for mobile office

Phone Connects to Gamepad

Turns your mobile phone to mobile game console

USB Extension for Laptop

Plug&Play for multiple USB peripherals

1GB File within 5 Seconds

USB3.0 interface with 5Gbps theoretical transmission rate

Stable Transmission

Internal circuit equipped with 10nf Capacitor and 5.1K pull-down resistor

Universal Compatibility

Connect USB-A devices to USB-C devices

Designed for USB-C Interface

Part of Supported Models

Smooth Plug in&Plug out

Tight conjunction and anti loose

Travelling Convenient

Portable and easy for carrying around

Product Parameters

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