USB-C to HDMI/VGA/USB 3.0x3/RJ45/PD Docking Station 0.15M Gray Mirrored Surface Type


Sale price$110.58


7-in-1 USB-CDocking Station

Laptop ports expansion

Connect to Multiple Devices

Switch Supported

Enjoy home video game in large screen

HDMI+VGA DoubleVideo Ports

HDMI+VGA ports connect to TV, projector monitor for large screen office meeting and entertainment.

Play and Charge Simultaneouly

Connect to super speed USB peripherals

USB Peripherals Connection

Connect to super speed USB peripherals

1000M RJ45 Ethernet Port

Connect to 1000M wired network without lag and disconnection, more stable than wireless network

Transfer a Phone to PC

USB-C cellphone connect to a large HD screen charging as well as connecting to a flash disk keyboard and mouse, mobile office more convenient

Applicable Devices

Diligent for Better Quality

1. LED Indicator

Real-time notification of working status

2. Upgraded Appearance

Aluminum frame with acrylic mirror design

3. Anti-skidrubber bottom

Abrasion-resistant anti-slip

4. Compact and portable

Slim and compact convenient for working

Product Parameters

Packaging Display

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