USB External Sound Card Silvery Metal Type


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USB to Mic/Earphone

Brings back audio to devices

Solution to Various Problems

USB to Mic/Earphone

Laptop Music Enjoyment

Designed for the connection of 2-plug headset

Spacious Speaker Sound

Immersive audio for game playing and movie watching

More Application Scenes

Multiple Systems Driver Free

Compatible with various systems

Integrated Interface and Body

Integrated USB interface without cable, effectively reduce signal attenuation

Noise-cancelling Chip

Filter noise and current murmur, restore a pure and high fidelity audio

Stereo Sound Effect

With virtual stereo sound, fltering current clutter, restore the essence of the sound

Premium Shell Material

Aluminum shell under frosted process for enhanced hand feeling and excellent heat dissipation

8mm Port Distance

Reasonable port distance for two plug simultaneous connection

Product Parameters

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