USB3.0 A Female to Type-C Male OTG Cable Black


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Type-C to USB OTG Data Cable

Support Mobile phone/PC

Look For the Correct Type-C Plug

Compatible with USB Device

Connect Phone to U Disk

5Gbps transmission speed read and compile fles easily.

Connect Tablet to Keyboard

Faster type when chatting or working

Applicable Apple models

Type-C Devices

Shielded Cable Body

Stable High speed

Stable Connection

Nickel Plated Type-C

Product Description

Brand: Vention
Name: Type-C OTG Convert Cable
Model: VAS-A51
Appearance Color: Black
Version Type: 3.0
Inteface Type: Type-C; USB3.0
Cable Length: 0.1/0.25m
Jacket Material: PVC
Interface Process: Nickel-plated
Conductor Material: Tinned Copper
Cable Shielding: Aluminum Foil+Metal Braided
Dimension: 39mm*1 5mm*7.5mm
Transmission Speed: 5Gbps
Product Warranty: 1 year
Package: PE Bag

Product Photos

Different length optional

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