Wireless Charger 10W White


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Wireless Charger 10w

Wireless charging, convenient life Support iPhone 12/13

Wireless Charging Life

Put your devices on the plate for convenient charging

Home: Put on for charge wake up withfull battery

Office: Get rid of excessive cables

Outdoor: 11mmultra-thinthickness

For Apple/Android Devices

Intelligently identify 10W, 7.5W, 5W charging solution with mutiple charging devices
For Apple, 7.5W/5W
For Android, 10W/5W

Note: lt is recommended to use compatible PD protocol charger higher than 18W

Also for WirelessEarphone

Support wireless charge devices with Qi standard, power supply for low power devices such as AirPods Pro

Upgraded Induction Coil

High density pure copper induction coil with stable magnetic field and transfer rate up to 80%
80% High energy transfer

Trickle Charging Mode

When battery reaches 80% automatically switch to trickle charging mode for battery life extension

Double Anti-slip Design

Double anti-slip design for enhanced resistance avoid detachment of the device during charging

Anti-slipsurface: No detachmentfor vibration

Anti-slipbottom: Avoid scratch of deskand stable position

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