Wireless Charger 15W Black Mirrored Surface Type


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Easier charging, convenient life

15W Desktop Wireless Charger

Support iPhone 13 series

One-put to charge

Foreign object detection

ios and Android

8mm Induction distance

Free Charging

Easily put for charging

Wireless chargingbefore sleeping

Be free fromcharging cable

8.5mm slimness

15W Maximum Charging

Backward compatible with 10W, 7.5W, 5W charging solutions

For Android: 15W/10W/5W
For Apple: 7.5W/5W

Note: It's recommended to use PD charger over 18W power All data are from Vention Lab

Charging Wireless Earphone

Support Qi standard wireless device charging power supply for AirPods Pro and other low power devices

Efficient Magnetic Coil

High density pure copper magnetic coil with stable magnetic field and faster charging speed

360° easy charging

Nine Major Protections

Over pressure protection

Over current protection

Over power protection

Over temperature protection

Pressure shortage protection

Over charge protection

Short circuit protection

Magnetic field protection

Foreign object detection

Trickle Charging Mode

When battery reaches 80%, automatically switch to trickle charging mode for battery life extension

When battery is low Switch on fast charge

When battery reaches 80% Switch on trickle charging mode

Sensitive Induction

No need to remove the phone case for wireless charging

Foreign ObjectDetection

With internal FOD(Foreign Object Detection) function, easily detect non-charging devices such as bank card, scissors

Craftsman Detail

Acrylic panel: Without detachment

Aluminum alloy shell: Premium hand feel

Anti-slip silicone rubber: Steady placement

Original 1M Fast Charge Cable

Save the need for extra purchasing

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