How to Choose an HDMI Cable(Part I)
HDMI interface version To choose an HDMI cable, first look at the version number of the HDMI interface. The HDMI interface version is different, the bandwidth and supported technology are also different, the high version can be compatible with the low version, so it is best to match the HDMI interface when selecting the HDMI cable, at least not lower than the interface version. If it is lower than the interface version, high-definition images cannot be transmitted. On the contrary, if it is higher than the interface version, although it can be used, you will spend more money. Upgrade HDMI 2.1 To Restore HD VisionUpgrade HDMI 2.1 To Restore HD Vision HDMI cable connector The connectors of the HDMI cable are generally gold-plated and non-gold-plated. The gold-plated connectors will have better corrosion resistance, conductivity and high temperature resistance. So normally, cables with gold-plated connectors will be better. Many gold-plated connectors on the market use 24K gold-plated. The brightness is relatively high and it is easy to distinguish. But it's not that it's bad if it's not gold-plated, because the PIN inside the HDMI connector will ultimately work during use. This is the main connection point. This PIN is mainly made of tin bronze. At the time of production, the PIN is first plated with nickel and then gold. Therefore, if the HDMI cable with good workmanship, carefully look at the PIN, you will find that there are three layers. Optical Fiber Era Thickness of HDMI cable Some HDMI cables are thick and some are thin, how to choose? Normally, for the same brand, the thicker the cable, the better the transmission performance and the more stable, but it is best to choose the brand cables. Some miscellaneous cables are added with a bunch of miscellaneous things to make the cable look thicker. , So it is best to choose the brand when choosing the HDMI cable. A thin HDMI cable is absolutely unusable. When this type of cable is used for data transmission, the signal will be relatively poor. The HDMI cable wire gauge (AWG), the larger the number, the thinner. This should be paid attention to when purchasing, such as the same When branding, 20AWG will be better than 30AWG.