What is DisplayPort 2.0?
Most people have never heard of a DisplayPort. It is a video transfer standard that the industry uses. At the most basic level, it is similar to HDMI. The latest DisplayPort 2.0 can transfer videos of high resolution. The current display ports can easily transfer videos up to 8k resolution with 60 Hz frame rates. These ports can come in large and mini sizes to support different HDMI cables. So the real question is do we need DisplayPort 2.0? Yes, if you want to set up different display setups, you need a display port to connect them together.

DisplayPort technology

You can plug the cable of your setup into another screen Display Port. With this method, you can easily show the display of your setup on the screen. This method is easy and fast; that’s why used by many PC gamers and computer professionals. The DisplayPort 2.0 comes in handy as it can transfer data at a much higher speed for its users. With the use of HDMI 2.1 cables, the users of Xbox and PS5 were able to have a majestic display. They could run games at 4K 120 Hz. So 2.1 port became essential for such TVs. But still, these days, some come with DisplayPort 2.0 as they can achieve a high frame rate as well.

Benefits of DisplayPort 2.0

Increased bandwidth, stunning performance

As we know, increasing the thickness can increase the bandwidth of videos that can pass. The DisplayPort 2.0 can easily transmit high-resolution data at 77.4Gbps bandwidth. The three-time increase in bandwidth means an unimaginable resolution. To understand how much better DisplayPort 2.0 is, we can compare the refresh rate, bandwidth, and resolution of older display ports.

Better resolution

Without any compression or change in the video color with DP 2.0, we can have a resolution of 10K (10240 × 4320). We can also have a frame rate of 240 Hz  4K resolution.

Display Stream Compression

The DisplayPort 2.0 supports display stream compression. Using the DSC technology, the DP 2.0 can achieve the highest resolution of 16K (15360 × 8640). This is best for people who are gaming enthusiasts. They can enjoy high resolution and audio quality. The better resolution means we can run videos with better quality easily on our screens.

DisplayPort connector

The Displayport 2.0 supports an excellent multi-screen setup. If you want high resolution on a different screen, you can use it. Even if you connect three-screen of 4K using this display port, you can still achieve a high frame rate 90Hz. Using an 8K monitor, you can connect 2 of them using DP 2.0. a silky-smooth display of 120Hz can be achieved. The refresh rates of videos have also increased.

Video electronics standards association

As we know today, no 8K 120 Hz display devices are available. The association has set some standards for DisplayPort 2.0. But with the ever-increasing resolution, they will be needed soon. So DP 2.0 can come in handy. We have seen many tablets with 120Hz screens.  A smoother gaming experience can be achieved on a large screen using a 120hz screen. So, for this, one needs to use DP 2.0, so they can achieve higher resolution and refresh rates.

DP alt mode

The shape of the connector is not changed for the 2.0 port. Making it compatible with the older version of port protocols. The DisplayPort 2.0 can also support DP alt mode This specification makes it to be used as USB-C. The USB- C ports have a DP Alt Mode that helps them transfer audio, video, and data at high rates. Using the USB-C monitor, one can charge your laptop while using it. The latest laptop comes with a USB-C port with DP Alt Mode. If your USB C cables has a d-shaped logo, they support DP Alt Mode.

HDMI vs DisplayPort 2.0: A New Round of Confrontation

The new generation protocols can help us understand the strength and weaknesses of HDMI and Display ports. HDMI is better for the Tv screens and living room. DP ports are better for gaming and consoles. We can compare these two to know which is better for you. The DisplayPort cable can achieve higher resolution and bandwidth. As we know, today, HDMI 2.1 are available in PC and gaming consoles. The DP 2.0 monitors are not available till now. Getting one can be tricky for some customers. Even the latest graphic card, RTX 3090, does not have a DP 2.0 and still runs a DP 1.4 port. But we know that DP 2.0 will be used in most of the monitors in the future. Most companies, such as Nvidia, are working on graphic cards that will have a DP 2.0 so they can produce a high resolution. If you want a DP 2.0, you have to wait much longer for the hardware. The DisplayPort cables are single cables that can be used by PC gamers. They support backward-compatible features as well.

Do you need DisplayPort 2.0?

As we know, gamers need a high-resolution display screen. The gamers need a high refresh rate, and resolution is not that important. So we can say that DP 2.0 meet the requirement of most users. If your own a high-end monitor that can run high resolution and refresh rate, then you probably need a DP 2.0 port. The 8K TVs on the market are good enough to support a DP 2.0. they are expensive compared to normal TV. To make use of the full potential of such TV. we need a display port 2.0. You can also attach this TV to other monitors using this Port. If you don’t like to play high-end games or watch high-resolution videos. Most likely, Display port 2.0 is not made for you. The performance of the Port is strong and unimaginable. But you won't feel its significance if you are a normal user.  

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