What is the difference between HDMI to VGA and VGA to HDMI? Can they be used interchangeably?
We will further discuss the relationship between HDMI and VGA. When connecting a signal source to a display device, if the interface is the same, you can directly purchase a cable to connect, but what if the interface is different? For example, what if the source is HDMI and the monitor is a VGA connector? This is the time to use a converter.


HDMI to VGA cable comes with a power supply interface, compared to the converter, the conversion cable can be directly connected without additional conversion, one cable easily converted to HD large screen, simple and convenient, suitable for Xiaomi boxes, laptops, set-top boxes, PS3 and other HDMI interface devices, connected to VGA interface devices such as TVs, monitors, projectors and other devices to convert HD large screen picture. Vention HDMI HDMI to VGA converter is a digital signal to analog signal conversion, the signal source is the HDMI interface, the display device is the VGA interface which means that you need to prepare a VGA cable to connect. But because the VGA does not support audio transmission, you won’t have any sound in your terminal devices even though you got a HDMI interface. You need to connect another audio device or directly buy a converter with audio and video synchronization conversion. Independent Audio Output As for the resolution, HDMI to VGA converter support 1920*1080P resolution and 60Hz refresh rate. The Picture is Clearer


VGA to HDMI is a conversion from analog signal to digital signal, which requires that the signal source has a VGA interface, i.e. the input side is a device with a VGA interface, and the display device has an HDMI interface, i.e. the output side. Vention VGA to HDMI converter, the shell adopts aluminum alloy, solid and wear-resistant, comfortable and delicate feel, support up to 1080P resolution. You need to match the HDMI cable for the use. Aluminum Alloy Shell Because their signal conversions are different, HDMI to VGA is a digital signal to analog signal conversion, and the other is the opposite, the processing chip used is also different, so they can not be used in dual directional signal transmission, and you need the corresponding converter for each conversion mode. Connection Diagram Another point to mention is that the best way to buy a converter is to buy a device with a power supply socket, so that the transmission will be more stable and will not have transmission problems due to insufficient power supply. Audio & Power Supply

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