What is the relationship between FPS, V-Sync and Motion Blur
FPS is the definition in the image field of the number of frames per second transmitted on a screen. FPS is a measure of the amount of information used to save and display dynamic video. The more frames per second, the smoother the action displayed will be. frame-rate-visual A movie plays at 24 frames per second, which means that 24 frames are projected on the screen in one second. If you pause the movie, you will find that most of the frames are blurred, because each frame in the movie is a picture formed by the camera shutter exposure for 1/24th of a second. That is, all the information in this 1/24th of a second, are recorded on this frame. cinema_projector But the principle of the game is different. The game screen is rendered in real time by the engine, and each resulting frame is a still picture of a certain moment, but the information about the displacement between the two frames does not appear on your screen. 1529649631 To compensate for this shortcoming, many game manufacturers also provide a "motion blur" feature in the settings: that is, they add a blurring effect to each frame to simulate a dynamic look and feel like a movie. When the game frame rate is low, turn on the "motion blur" to reduce the feeling of lag to a certain extent. n2cg1gi6ubq01 But even so, the game is still difficult to achieve the smoothness of the movie considering the game is not only to watch, but more importantly to play, that is, to interact. Every game screen you see needs to be operated by you, calculated and rendered by the graphics card, and then refreshed by the monitor to be finally presented. In different game scenarios and operations, the graphics card takes a different amount of time to render each frame. Even if the graphics card completes the rendering of 60 pictures in one second, reaching the standard of 60 fps, the 60 frames are not necessarily evenly distributed, it is likely that a frame is more complex, it will take up a full 1/10th of a second, then the picture will be still during this period, and you will feel that a whole section of the picture is in a lag. yC2kyWX If the graphics card rendered two pictures in 1/60th of a second, but the monitor's refresh rate is only 60Hz, then the monitor will only be able to combine two frames together, resulting in "screen tearing". Screen-Tearing In order to solve this problem, game manufacturers offer another option, which is called "vertical synchronization". It can suppress the graphics card's work, so that the card must rest after each rendering, waiting for the monitor to finish refreshing before rendering the next picture. bf5-vertical-sync-disable If you want a smooth movie-like experience when playing games, it is often a good choice to turn on motion blur and turn off vertical sync to maximize frame rates.

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