1-Port USB Wall Charger (18W) EU-Plug Black


颜色: Black
Sale price$14.40


Quick Charge 3.0 Mini Wall Charger

Compact, 18W Fast charging, Safe charging, Wide compatiblity

Similar in size to the offlcial 5W charger.

Mini design without taking up too much space on the power strip.

Embrace 18W High-Power Technology

Ready to hit the road with a full battery.

Universal Fast Charging Solution

Harness the power of QC 3.0 Fast Charging Protocol for swift charging performance.

Perfect for iPhone and iPad Users

Supports Apple 5V/2 4A fast charging protocol.

Safe and Reliable Power

Built-in high- performance chip matches suitable current for different phones.

Worry-Free Smart Charging

It adjusts power output to safeguard your connected devices and slows as the battery nears full charge.

Ideal for both Apple and Android Users

Supports charging for various brands of smartphones, tablets, and headphone devices.

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