Cat.6A FTP Toolless RJ45 Modular Plug


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Cat.6A FTP Toolless RJ45 Modular Plug

High speed network experience

10Gbps Transmission Rate

Solve problem of latency, lag and disconnection for unprecedented gaming experience

Toolless Type Plug

Pre-set plug without using the punch down tool for plug installation, place the core in right sequence and cut down the redundant line for direct use

Premium Anti-interference Ability

Zinc alloy shell shields the exterior magnetic interference for stable signal transmission

Tight Connection Point

Trident contact chip tightly connects with the cable core for stable network

Gold-plated Contact Points

Durable in swapping, anti-oxidized and good conductivity for longer service time

1.6mm Diameter Wire Hole

Easily go through the hole convenient for cabling process

CustomI Length By Yourself

The back boot can be taylored into suitable position for different diameter of the cable

Designed For Recycling Use

Longer service time and recycling design to save the extra purchase

Applicable to Multiple Network Devices

RJ45 network port generally applicable

Installation Steps

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