Cotton Braided USB 2.0 C Male to C Male 5A Cable Black Zinc Alloy Type


Size: 1.2M
Sale price$12.69


Up to 100W PD Quick Charging

5A USB-C Cable

Stay Charged

The cable can supply up to 100W of power delivery for USB-C laptops or other devices when paired with a 20V/5A USB-C power adapter.

5A High Current

Compatible with most of the fast charging protocols such as PD/QC/SCP/FCP, etC.

A Single Cable Solution

The 100W USB-C output provides enough power to charge your devices. It is automatically backward compatible with low-power devices.

E-Marker Chip

Built-in E-Marker chip is used to communicate with connected devices to ensure safe data and power delivery to and from the source. It slows as the battery nears full charge, and is designed to be left connected long-term without overcharging.

Premium Materials and Construction

Tinned copper conductors and triple shielding design effectively protect against EMI interference and ensure more stable signal transmission.

Reliable and Durable

Durable Zinc alloy shell and tensile cotton braided jacket.

Data Transfer and Power Charging 2 in 1

Features USB 2.0 interface and data transfer up to 480Mbps

USB-C Compatible

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