Cotton Braided USB-C to HDMI 8K Converter 0.25M Black Zinc Alloy Type


Sale price$63.60


Jaw-Dropping 8K Visual Fidelity

USB-C to HDMI 8K Converter

Reliable & Durable

Features a rustproof zinc alloy shell and a TPE & cotton braided jacket combined to create a strong cable,

8K@60Hz Resolution

Immerse yourself in 3D content with a stunning resolution of 7680 * 4320@60Hz.

Dynamic HDR

DSC & HDR make every frame clear.

Revolutionize Your Gaming Experience

8K@60Hz, 4K@144Hz /120Hz refresh rate deliver a smoother, faster gaming experience.

12-Bit Color Depth

12-Bit color depth is ideal for photographers designers, video editors, etc.

Enjoy eARC Perfect Audio Fidelity

The enhanced eARC and QMS technologies deliver a more immersive surround sound experience.

Stable & Clear

Tinned copper conductors and aluminum foil shielding ensure efficient signal transmission.

Large Screen Viewing Experience

Broad Compatibility

Double Screen Double Fun

Driver free & Plug and play.

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