USB2.0 A Male to B Male Print Cable with 2*Ferrite Core

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Faster&More Stable

USB2.0 Printer Cable

Computer connect printer

Signal transmission is more stable

USB2.0 High Speed Printing

Theoretical speed up to 480Mbps

USB B Square Interface

Connect sound card/external drive

1-5m Length Optional

Anti-interference Protection

Aluminum Foil+Metal Braided

Signal transmission is more stable

Tinned Copper Core

lmprove the quality of print

PVC Jacket

Flexible and durable

Plug And Play

Apply to multiple types of equipment

Product Parameters

Brand: Vention
Name: USB2.0 Print Cable
Model: VAS-A16
Appearance Color: Black/White
Interface Type: USB A male; USB B male
Version: USB 2.0
Theoretical Speed: 480Mbps
Interface Process: Nickel plated
Conductor Material: BC
Cable Shielding: Aluminum foil+metal braided
Jacket: PVC
AWG: 24+28AWG
Cable OD: 4.5mm
Cable Length: 1m-5m
Product Warranty: One year
Package: PE bag