8 Good Features of the USB to HDMI Converter
What's a USB to HDMI converter? The USB interface is applied to convert the desktop data to the other display device (HDMI or VGA input) on screen display, or makes another monitor as the expand display of this host to show different software on two screens at the same time without installing additional graphics card. USB to HDMI converter inserts into the host computer's USB port in one end, another end connects to the other monitor. It automatically converts the screen display signal on the host screen into a USB signal input to the USB-HDMI product, the video card inside converts to on-screen signal and very fast output to another monitor. It supports the simultaneous connection of max to six monitors to a host, to achieve the multi-screen output results. usb c to hdmi converter USB to HDMI converter or USB C to HDMI converter , to achieve USB C to VGA and Ethernet, USB to DVI, USB to HDMI full HD conversion, through the USB interface to the computer desktop information to another display device (VGA input, DVI input, HDMI input) , Or another monitor as the host's display to expand, or two screens simultaneously display different applications, extend the desktop's workspace, easy to install, without having to open the computer chassis. 1. No additional power supply is required. It is small in size and easy to carry.

2. Compatible with all CRT and flat-panel displays, while supporting all current computer operating systems;3. The display support can be adjusted to the maximum of 1920 * 1080(refresh frequency 60HZ, 32-bit true color).

4. It can send DVD movies and computer pictures, and multiply the desktop of the monitor, which can improve work efficiency.

5. With the chip used, currently one host can connect up to 8 monitors.

6. Use USB connection, do not take up d-sub terminals, while the expanded monitor does not need to add additional graphics CARDS.

7. The same picture can be extended value to two or more screen or each screen displays the contents of a different picture, each screen operation is not affected each other at the same time, does not affect the expansion screen display quality.

8. USB 2.0 super low power technology, lossless compression technology, support WINDOWS VISTAAERO, support WINDOWS XP and VISTA, and the latest WINDOWS 7 operating system.