USB to USB cable classification
USB to USB cable for the computer and external devices to connect and communicate, can also be used for mobile phone charging and external connections. Popular to say, used to transfer data and charge. So what are the main USB to USB cable classification. USB to usb cable classification. 1.Ordinary USB to USB cable This is no central control chip, you must plug the phone computer recognize line, the price is cheap. Typical models: Samsung CDMA series, D500 series; Motorola E398 series, V3 series; Nokia DKU-2; NEC N720 series; Siemens 65 series and so on. 2.USB data cable with IC With the central control chip, ordinary chip models 2303,2101,3116, do not plug the phone will recognize the computer line, the price of an IC is more than 10 yuan, so the price is more expensive than without the IC. The working principle of the data line with the chip is USB to COM, the USB interface into a serial port on the computer display. Typical models: Samsung E638 series, D418 series; NEC N610 series; Siemens 25 series, 55 series; Sony Ericsson mobile phone data cable; Panasonic mobile phone data cable; Lenovo mobile phone data cable and so on. 3.Special USB data cable This is a non-ordinary popular chips, dedicated special chip models such as: DKU-5, CA-42, DCU-11 and so on. Note: We do not mistakenly believe that the quality of the IC with good, without the poor quality of the IC, the actual band without the IC is based on the phone's applicable models to production. The above is the technical staff of Vention USB to USB cable for you to introduce the classification, mainly divided into the above three categories, due to different USB interfaces and data lines, support equipment: mouse, keyboard, printer, scanner, Flash drives, MP3 players, mobile phones, digital cameras, mobile hard drives, external floppy drive, USB card, ADSL Modem, Cable Modem and other electronic products.