How to Choose a Docking Station(Part II)
③Choosing the right interface will do more with less It should also be noted that some charging ports support the fast charging protocol, and some are general charging, so you can consider your needs when purchasing. Generally, it supports 100W charging, and it only takes 1-1.5h to fully charge the Macbook. In addition, the HDMI extension function generally supports extended 4K signal output, and some VGA interfaces only support 1080P HD video extension output. ④Good looks and not hot At present, the most widely used in the market is aluminum alloy + ABS material, and the shell made of all aluminum alloy material. Among them, the all-aluminum alloy material is more wear-resistant and has a better texture, and it is easier to conduct internal heat to the surface of the product to speed up heat dissipation. In addition, if each function of the docking station has an independent chip, when multiple functions are running at the same time, it can still maintain a stable and smooth transmission speed. ⑤Small and portable, take it with you The small, thin and space-saving docking station is more suitable for business office, and it is also easy to carry, so don't hesitate to use it! A good docking station can not only easily connect to external devices such as laptops, but also provide a variety of interfaces for users to use, making office work more convenient and comfortable. However, the specific choice depends on not only your own needs, but also your own budget. The multi-function docking station, with its light body and easy portability, has helped us solve many of the flaws of laptop expansion and has also successfully won the hearts of many consumers. In the future, I believe that there will be more and more external devices derived from the USB-C interface.

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