Micro USB Type-C to HDMI Adapter Brings Better Visual Effect
In everyday life, we often use the phone to watch videos, play games, chat and so on. However, the use of mobile phones has an unavoidable drawbacks, that is, the screen size is too small, the visual experience really ordinary. So what is the way to let the phone can experience the big screen effect? In fact, very simple, just a adapter of micro USB Type C to HDMI, it can transfer phone, Pad or computer content on the big screen display device, and immediately create a home theater visual effects. micro usb type c to hdmi Whether it is photos, videos, games, PPT, etc., through this micro USB Type C to HDMI adapter, all can be synchronized from the phone to the projector above, isn't it cool? Imagine meeting in the future without using a computer, through it you can sync PPT phone to the projector! If you do not have a network at home, you can experience the big-screen audio-visual shock on your TV as long as you download a good movie from your mobile phone beforehand! Travel photos, activities taken photos, but also through the big screen to share with everyone! If you connect both HDMI and VGA interfaces, but also can achieve dual-screen display, the use of richer. In our era of increasing dependence on mobile phones, such a magical device makes your life simple but not monotonous, full of fun! Ps: Supports USB C to HDMI Android and Apple