Micro USB to USB C adapter, support for fast charging
Micro USB to USB C adapter, support for fast charging, nylon wire reinforcement rugged, suitable for a variety of digital products, the real easy to use, a single line to solve the problem of multiple product charging data transmission, you deserve. Micro USB to USB C adapter, support for fast charging Type-C interface has been slowly into the digital products we live in, mobile phones and tablets are joining the Type-C interface, not only has greatly improved the transmission speed, but also without distinction between positive and negative when inserted, but also facilitate the life, But before the phone or Micro USB interface, the use of carrying two data lines, really inconvenient ah. Vention this two-in-one data cable really solve this little trouble, combo interface, easy to carry, Micro USB to USB C adapter is not easy to lose. Micro USB to USB C adapter, support for fast charging This two-in-one data cable produced by Ningbo Fulman Communication Technology Co.Ltd., I believe we are already very familiar with Vention, Vention's HDMI Cable has been the market's steady occupation, but also make people familiar with the brand company. Today, this two-in-one data cable brought us is very useful, and now we have to show you. After opening the package we see the work done at the usb connector is very fine, although its price is not expensive, but we still see the details are still very hard to use materials and workmanship is also very good, usb metal head made matt treatment, the internal contact with copper is also clearly visible. Vention combo data line with a 28 per diameter of 0.1 mm tin-plated copper, charging current up to 2.4A, support for fast charging, to charge the phone very fast, more than 1 hour can be full. Contact us to wholesale Micro USB to USB C adapter.