The best charging station for multiple devices.
Fast charging technology After the rise, many smart phones in order to achieve the effect of fast charging, enhanced voltage or current. However, regular cell phone chargers output the voltage / current according to the chip installed inside the cell phone, that is, how much power the cell phone needs and how much power the charger outputs. High-power the best charging station for multiple devices will not cause harm to the phone. The best charging station for multiple devices. Some handset manufacturers also specifically designed two different powers for the best charging station for multiple devices in order to accommodate both handsets that do not support fast charge. For example, the original Huawei mobile phone charger has 5V / 2A and 9V / 2A two, not to support fast charge when the phone is used when charging lower power. In addition, OPPO's VOOC flash charge will automatically be based on the interface pin of the mobile phone to determine whether it supports fast charging, if not, it will only output lower power. So even if you're using an Android best charging station for multiple devices, there's no problem charging the iPhone. However, while most smartphones use other chargers, there is a situation to be avoided in the long run using less powerful chargers to charge phones that support fast chargers. For example, a cell phone can use 9V / 2A power to charge, you just give it to use 5V / 1A low-power charger, then the best charging station for multiple devices will always be in full working condition, resulting in its own temperature, a long time There are still some risks. If you need to buy non-original charger, be sure to buy from the formal channels, such as Aliexpress. In addition to buy a third-party charger must have a formal national 3C certification mark.

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