The principle of USB to HDMI cable implementation.
USB cable for the computer and external devices to connect and communicate, can also be used for cell phone charging and external connections. Popular to say, used to transfer data and charge. Of course, there are a lot of his structure is rarely known, the following by Vention's technical staff for everyone to introduce. USB to HDMI cable is implemented on the basis of the following technologies. Some usb to hdmi cable information you don't know. 1.The structure of USB cable Respectively, by the ground, power lines, D +, D- four lines, D + and D- are differential input lines, it uses a voltage of 3.3V (note oh, and CMOS 5V level), and the power cord and Ground can provide 5V voltage to the device, the maximum current is 500MA (can be set in the programming, as for the hardware implementation mechanism, do not mind it). 2.USB data format USB data is composed of binary string, the first digital string to form the domain (there are seven), the domain reconstructs the packet, the packet reconstructs the transaction (IN, OUT, SETUP), the transaction finally constitutes the transmission (interrupt transmission, parallel transmission, Transmission and control transmission). 3.The coding scheme of USB data cable USB uses non-return to zero to reverse the data transmission, when the differential input data on the line 0 is negated, the input 1:00 to maintain the original value, in order to ensure the accuracy of signal transmission, when the USB bus to send a packet, The transmitting device is forced to insert a bit (ie, insert a 0 after every 6 1s in the data stream) to force the NRZI code to change. USB is one of the most widely used external bus standards in the PC field. It is used to standardize the connection and communication between computers and external devices. The USB interface supports plug-and-play and hot-swap of devices. With the rapid development of computer hardware, the application of USB increases the speed of data transfer between external devices. The speed increase is the greatest benefit to users because users can use more efficient external devices, such as USB 2.0 scanners, scanners A 4M picture only 0.1 seconds or so time, work efficiency greatly improved. Contact us to buy USB to HDMI cable.