Versatile Uses of USB Type-C Adapters
USB interface after 20 years of development, with the transmission speed from 1.5Mbps (USB1.0), 480Mbps (USB2.0), 5Gbps (USB3.0), and up to today's 10Gbps (USB3.1). USB Type-C adapter transmission speed finally embarked on the road of the real high-speed transmission. type c charger adapter USB Type-C adapter in addition to transmission speed, but also supports up to 100W power USB Power Delivery 2.0 (PD2.0 reverse charging) power transmission technology, which is a revolutionary leapfrog means that Type-C charger adapter has a high degree of pressure and high-speed transmission performance of USB3.1, not only for laptop direct charging, but can also replace the HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA and other professional display interface, direct support for 4K video transmission, in other words, as long as the future with Type-C interface phone, pad can be directly connected to computer, TV screen, even the projector, so to replace the monitor or the host. Type-C converter interface is defined by the leading USB member companies including Apple, Google, Intel, MicroSoft and other industry members, many international manufacturers involve to discuss the development of the interface standards. These big companies occupy the mobile phone, tablet, computer PC and other consumer products market, they led to the rapid development of Type-C converter. In addition to Type-C cable, Type-C charger adapter, more Type-C converter applications will be introduced in the future, including Type-C converter dongle, USB Type-C adapter Docking, USB Type-C adapter PowerAdapter, Type-C converters PowerBank, Type-C Converters Car Charger, Type-C Converters USB Hub, applications areas include professional markets such as tablets, mobile phones, PCs, and even automotive and multimedia video consoles markets.