What is Aux Port
What Does Aux Mean AUX interface can be seen in each of our cell phones and computers, which is often referred to as the headphone jack. aux interface, mainly used in the audio, is a kind of input interface, used to play music. So, what exactly is the aux interface? How to correctly use AUX interface? AUX USB What is the aux interface? AUX interface is the audio input interface, you can output audio from electronic audio devices including mp3 (general headphone jack), listen to the music of these devices with the car stereo. aux interface is an auxiliary interface, its role is to output audio from electronic audio devices, the port type is asynchronous port 3.5mm AUX Audio Cable AUX interface is mainly used for remote configuration, line backup, can also be used for unplugging connection, but also The AUX interface establishes a command line connection between the user and the device to perform some operations for the device that usually cannot be done in user mode, such as initialization, restoring the initial configuration, correcting abnormal user mode, etc. The AUX interface is mainly used for remote configuration, line backup, and also for unplugging connection, and can also be connected to MODEM through transceiver to support hardware flow control. Car Music Navigation Accessories requirement AUX interface is used, be prepared to play equipment (such as computers, cell phones, MP3, etc.), single to single 3.5MM audio cable, amplification equipment (such as speakers, etc.), etc. Then, it is connected to the player and car AUX interface. Plug one end of the 3.5 double-ended cable into the headphone jack of your cell phone or mp3 player, and the other plug of the double-ended audio cable into the AUX jack on the car's media control panel. After connecting, open the car's media player and adjust it to AUX mode, then open the phone or mp3 to play lossless music directly. Suitable for Mainstream Models Some cautions AUX interface use to pay attention to buy the correct connection cable, but also pay attention not to plug the audio cable into the wrong port. It is worth noting that on desktop computers, the audio cable should be inserted in the middle of the green port, while the laptop is inserted in the headphone icon there port, the TV is only an AUX port, there is no plugging the wrong phenomenon. However, it is best to use the aux interface according to the product's operating instructions in the use of the steps to carry out. If you do not know, you can consult the product's official website or call. Universal for Devices with 3.5mm Interface

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