PlayStation Ports Display
We’ve talked about the ports on XBOX series in previous article, then what about the interface displayed on their opponents PlayStation family? Let’s just have a thorough inspection about the ports that has been equipped in PlayStation. playstation Our first PlayStation model is the newest PS5, we can see from the picture below that New PS5 model place most of their port from the front and rear sides. ps5 The front side of the PS5 possesses two USB ports: one USB A port and USB-C port. From the color of the USB A port we can see that this port is designed in USB 2.0 standard with the transmission rate of 480Mbps. Considering the high speed data transmission demand, this port may cater to low speed USB peripherals connections. USB-C port supports to super speed USB transmission of 10Gbps. PS5 possesses The rear side of the game console shows more ports than the front side, it got two USB Type A interface which both supports 10Gbps transmission rate. A RJ45 Ethernet port and one HDMI 2.1 port which theoretically supports up to 8K@60Hz resolution and refresh rate. The rightest port of in the picture below is the power port. rear side of the game Next console is PS4 Pro From left to right of the picture below is power supply, HDMI 2.0 port which support 4K@60Hz, one AUX port, one digital out(optical port), one USB high speed port and RJ45 port PS3 PS4 Pro got a similar design with PS4. from the front side of the console, we can discover power button in the top of the machine and disc slot for loading games, in the middle side of PS4, it got a eject button and two USB ports ps4-explained From the back side, we can notice a slight differences from the front side of the PS4 Pro that the power port has been moved to the lower part of the console. Then, it got a optical out port, a HDMI port with HDMI 1.4 standard, an Ethernet port and AUX port. Our last model is the famous Sony PlayStation3. from left to right we’ve got a RJ45 port, HDMI port which support up to 1080P resolution, digital out(known as optical port) and AV muti out port. Super_Slim_PS3 The front side of PS3 has two USB storage ports for all kinds of USB peripherals connection. PS3 has two USB storage ports

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