Why Is the HDMI to VGA Converter Indispensable?
When using HD data output, we often need to input these data to different devices. As we all know, HDMI signal output interface is the standard high-definition signal output interface, while those output devices including computers, laptops, HD set-top boxes, hard disk player, PS3, Xbox360, Tablet PC, etc. have a HDMI interface. When transferring data or signals, it needs to input the signal to the device with VGA interface only, this is the reason why a HDMI to VGA converter needed here. Then how to choose the high quality HDMI converters? You can check these features as the reference. hdmi to vga rca converter 1. The HDMI to VGA converter has a unique USB-powered design, the perfect solution to the compatibility issues (compatible with notebooks, desktops, hard disk players, digital set-top boxes and other HDMI output devices). 2. The use of digital conversion chip, the HDMI signal is converted to VGA signal, the success of HDMI interface with the device connected to the VGA interface with the monitor, projector, TV and so on. 3. The use of pure white design gives a sense of cleanliness. 4. With 99.999% high purity oxygen-free copper wire core and lossless signal transmission to ensure the transmission of high-definition signal durability and also can extend the service life. 5. Shelling with stylish aluminum alloy design, perfect shielding electromagnetic interference, to ensure the signal quality. 6. Vention HDMI converter with original scientific design to solve compatibility problems. 7. Micro USB power supply design and USB 2.0 at the other end enable it to directly connect to the computer or USB power adapter, it is designed for desktop computers, set-top boxes and other devices that require more power and design. hdmi to vga converter