Wires and USB Cable Are Different
Some people think that there is no difference between the USB cable and the wire, the USB cable is the wire, the wire is the USB cable, the two are not the same reading method. In fact, this is the two products, the two are separate, each with its own purpose, performance and function, as well as the role is not the same. type c usb cables USB cable: Its role is to connect mobile devices and computers for data transfer or communication purposes. In general, this is the gateway to connect computers and mobile devices to video, ringtones, pictures and more. Now, with the ever-evolving electronics industry, USB cables have become an integral part of our lives. Wires: Wire is the current conducting wire. Can effectively conduct current. The power cord is used for power transmission wire, there is no shield, and its outer layer is a plastic skin or rubber used to protect the wire, the inner layer is used to transport power of the core, usually two to four, Each core is also covered with a layer of plastic skin or rubber insulation between the core wire, core wire diameter larger. Usually the number of cores is small, product diameter is small, simple structure of the product called wire.