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USB Cable

The different connector types for these custom USB cables provide an opportunity for flexibility during use. The product is suitable for connectors such as the regular USB, USB-C connector, Micro USB, USB 3.0, and different Aviator connectors with three or four pins. These flexible features make it possible to use the USB cables with other computers and keyboards in the market.

The USB cables are lightweight, convenient for bulk orders with shorter lead time and fast shipping. The weight is generally influenced by the length of the cable. The length options available range from 3ft to 16ft. longer lengths can be ordered to meet particular needs. The micro size USB cables are also available for a custom order.

Aesthetic appeal

The custom USB cables have an apparent aesthetic appeal. The cables are encased in a double sleeve covering that can be produced in different attractive colors. The availability of these cables in different colors also makes it easy for the user to organize their tasks.

The cables can be easily identified when plugged into a crowded panel. In addition to the bright color options, these cables have a slim-shaped design that makes it easy to plug the cable into ports on laptops, desktops, and other systems.

Fast data transfer

The data transfer rate with these custom USB cables is impressive. There are no delays; data can be transferred without worries about experiencing damaged or corrupted files. Data transfer speed is impressive.

The features that help to improve data transfer include the high-quality copper conductors, which can be used for many hours without compromising their functions. Also, the connectors are gold-plated. This enhances the conductivity and speed of data transfer. The gold-plated connectors are not prone to corrosion. This means the USB cables can be used for a long time without worries about corroded connectors inhibiting data transfer.

The cables have been designed with the best shielding. The braided aluminum shield is excellent for preventing interference while transferring data through the cable. This significantly helps to improve the USB cable’s performance.


The customer USB cables are durable. Using these USB cables usually involves twisting and straining the cable. The sturdy features of these cables can withstand these pulls and tugs without detaching from the connector head. The cables are also usable without becoming tangled or losing connection which can cause data loss.

Easy to use

The USB cables can be easily used for any project. The USB cables are plug-and-play. There is no need for installation whether laptops or tablets are used. The plug and play feature supports other laptops such as mobile cameras and other peripherals. The USB cables have a consistent signal clarity so new users or people who are not familiar with the product can have a good experience with the product.

In conclusion, these custom cables can be ordered in bulk, and the lead time is short. There is no interference during data transfer. The durability is an assurance that the USB cable can be used for many years.