Cat8 STP Rotate Right Angle Ethernet Patch Cable 0.5/1/1.5/2/3/5M Black Slim Type


Length: 0.5M
Sale price$6.40


360 Degrees Free Rotate Design

Rotated connectors provide versatility in connecting devices with different orientations or port locations.

90 Degrees Design

The 90 degrees right angle is great for tight spaces and is durable.

Narrow Space Solutions

The 3.8 mm cable thickness makes this ideal for routing through the tightest spa ces.

Cat 8 40Gbps Lightning-Fast Speed

Designed for 40-Gigabit Ethernet, this cable is tested up to 2000MHz bandwidth.

Top-Tier Gaming Experience

Enhance your network for pristine 40-Gigabit transmissions.

32AWG Oxygen-free Copper Conductors

The 32AWG oxygen-free copper conductors with four twisted pairs ensure stable signal transmission.

Outstanding Performance

Ground wire and aluminum foil shielding prevent electromagnetic interference, providing a more stable transmission.

Gold-Plated Contacts

The gold-plated contacts resist corrosion and wear and deliver a clean, clear signal.

Flexible PVC Jacket

Durable and tensile.

Applicable to Multiple Scenarios

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