Кабель RCA

This is a single RCA cable that has been made for the transfer of video and audio signals. The cable features both the RCA plug and jack, which makes it universally useful. The cable weighs only a few ounces, depending on the length chosen in the order request. The lightweight makes it easy to package and ship this product to different global locations for bulk orders.

Following a standard manufacturing process, this single RCA cable meets the approved industry standards. The cable is a good choice for sound engineers who often need to switch between sending video or audio signals in line with its universal features. It is compatible with HDTVs, video game consoles, subwoofers, DVD players, external speakers, and many other electronic devices.

Color coded single RCA cable

The color coding on these products makes it easy to identify the cable easily. Also, it helps users to avoid mistakes when connecting devices with the cable. The color coding for these cables is red, yellow, and white. When these colors are indicated on the adapter, it is an indication that the cable can be used universally.

The color coded molds on this cable have also been designed to allow users to have a good grip on the cable. This prevents it from slipping while the technician works with the cable.  

Universal functions

The single RCA cable is a good choice for transmitting both digital and audio signals. This saves the user a lot of time because so much can be accomplished with only one cable. It is also a good feature that increases convenience. People do not need to move around with too many types of cables. They can do everything with only this single cable.

Another feature that supports its universal functions is the short connectors. The short length makes it easy to use these cables on different electronic devices from various brands. It can fit into overcrowded electronic panels. The connectors are protected from corrosion, with gold plating, which also enhances the transmission of signals through the cable.


This is one of the most durable single RCA cables available now. It has a solid PVC covering for the gauge conductors inside. The covering enhances its performance because all types of interference are eliminated. The PVC insulation is also flexible. The cable can be bent or turned around without causing a tear to expose the covered gauge conductors.

It is a long cable

The single RCA cable length options start from 10 meters. Buyers can request longer cables according to their needs. The length makes it possible to connect and transfer digital or audio signals without needing to move heavy equipment around. The length of these cables will not affect the quality of signals transmitted.

The single RCA cable is available for bulk purchases. Buyers can request different product dimensions according to their needs. It is packaged in water proof bags and cartons for added protection during shipping. And it is reliable because of the features that ensure there is no signal loss.