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The benefits of the best wireless car charger for drivers far outweigh the traditional charging solutions. The touch buttons of the best wireless car charger prevent operation malfunction and provide users with the highest value for their money.

Fast Wireless Charging

With the best car wireless charger, you can enjoy up to 15W fast charge. For LG phones, you get 15W. 10W for Samsung devices and 7.5 for iPhone. It is built with the latest smart chip. This 3rd generation reinforced copper coil is ideal for fast charging.

You can also enjoy safety for your phone as the best wireless car charger can provide protection against overheat, high voltage, or current and ensure safe charging.

Auto Clamp Feature

It comes with powdered robotic arms that automatically open in three directions when you put your phone close to the charger. The auto clamp feature makes it easy to mount or remove with only one hand. A slight tap on one of the two release buttons on the side opens the arm automatically.

The best wireless car charger comes with an in-built energy storage setting that allows you to open the arms and remove your phone after disconnecting the power supply or your car stalls. The auto clamp feature also secures your phone automatically when the power is connected. Even with a thick phone case, your phone can be held securely in place while charging.

Air Vent Phone Holder Mount

Safety is a priority while driving, and the best wireless car charger is safe to use. It can be mounted by the air vent, where it is much easier to reach your phone. You enjoy less distraction while driving.

The clip is well designed to fit different air vents, whether placed horizontally or vertically, without restricting airflow. The cool wind from the vent also aids the wireless car charger to charge faster.

Adjustable Car Charging Mounts

The vention has one of the most adjustable car charging mounts you can buy. Its claw grip can automatically expand significantly to accommodate different sizes of smartphones.

 It also comes with two feet at the bottom to ensure your smartphone charging coils line up with the charger's coil to begin powering up. You can move the wireless car charger higher, lower, closer, or further away from you while driving.


The best wireless car charger has a faster charging speed, a versatile USB-C cable, and a study magnetic mount system.

Foreign Object Detection with LED Alarm

It comes with the foreign object detection alarm that allows the car wireless charger to stop charging and raises the alarm when there’s a metal object between the wireless car charger and the phone.

This can keep your device damage-free from the high temperature of the metal. The adjustable support plate also allows the sweet zone of the phone at the sharing area for optimum charging results. It adapts to various sizes of Qi-enabled devices.


The manufacturers pay attention to detail so you can enjoy a high-quality performance and warranty on each purchase. Contact us now to place your order.